Justice for Immigrants

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Justice for All Impacted Communities

The sprawling criminal justice system has become the central source for a myriad of institutional issues we face both as individuals as well as members of diverse communities. Because of this, nearly every person is impacted by the system in different ways, and oftentimes the impact can be unforgiving. Our current system too often treats misbehavior by a young person as a crime, ignores workplace health and safety issues committed against low-wage workers, and targets undocumented immigrants putting people at risk of deportation, which tears families apart. In addition, women comprise the fastest growing population of individuals going into jail in California.

Equal treatment under the law is the right of all people in California. All communities deserve the support, protection, and respect of law enforcement.

District attorneys must work to seek justice for all communities, which starts by understanding the impact of the current system of mass incarceration on different communities. They must listen to the diverse groups they represent and take their interests into account when making prosecutorial decisions.. They must be accountable to everyone. Restoring safety and repairing harm in the community is paramount to building trust and respect.

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