Racial Justice Act

The Racial Justice Act is a California law passed in 2020 which prohibits the State from pursuing convictions or sentences based upon race, ethnicity, or national origin. The law allows people to challenge any proceeding that may have been infected by racial bias.

For the RJA to be effective, the public must be able to access policies and data from prosecutors.

But this information—which should be readily available—is often difficult or impossible to attain.

The ACLU is using the California Public Records Act to seek access to prosecutorial records that will ensure a robust implementation of the RJA.

These records are available HERE (and also on the MeetYourDA page for each individual county).

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Kern County Counsel Response Letter to BraunHagey (ACLU) re PRA Request 2021.08.16 Kern County DA Policies Exemptions Claimed Kern County District Attorney’s Response to PRA Response Attachment A Policies 2021.07.23 Kern County District Attorney’s PRA Response Attachment B Trainings 2021.07.23 Kern County District Attorney’s Supplement to CPRA Response – DA Guidance Documents 2021.07.23 Kern County Misdemeanor Diversion Program Pamphlet 2021.02.04 Kern County Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Court Program – Policies and Procedures 2015.10.13 Kern County U Visa and T Visa Certifier Office Memorandum 2016.03.29
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October 5, 2020
Public Act Request (PRA)

Los Angeles PRA

On May 13, 2019 a California Public Records Act Request was sent to the Los Angeles County’s District Attorney’s office by the ACLU of Northern California, pursuant to the California Public Records Act (Government Code…
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