Congratulations on creating your very own


Your platform tells your district attorney exactly what you want them to do. It is a list of specific policies that reflect your values and priorities. As an elected official, your DA needs to hear from you. You’re off to a great start! What’s next?
Step 1: Meet Your DA
If you haven’t already, visit and find out who your DA is.
Step 2: Say Hey!
Once you know who your DA is, send them an email and say, “Hey!” Let them know that you care about criminal justice reform and you are paying attention.
Step 3: Share Your Platform with Your DA
Schedule a meeting, organize a Community Town Hall, or simply email them a copy of your Community Justice Platform. Let them know exactly what you want them to do.
Step 4: share on social media
Share your platform on social media and encourage your friends, family, and coworkers to create their own platform too. Don’t forget to tag us @MeetYourDA and use the hashtag #DA4ThePeople.
Step 5: report back
Let us know what you are up to. Did you get a meeting with your DA? Are you organizing a Town Hall event? Do you have general feedback on the platform? We want to hear from you! Send us an email at or a note on social media @MeetYourDA.

My Policy Platform